• One important focus is the area of microfluidic: Customer specifications are translated into functions which DNE verifies with preliminary tests and prototypes.

The smallest laboratory in the world:
MRSA quick test via lab-on-a-chip technology.

Interview with Mr. Kaspers, DNE

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Who we are

DNE is based in south Germany with a European customer base. Customers like the responsive services and cooperative approach. Various solutions have brought DNE customers patentable products to enhance economic success. DNE platform components are predominantly manufactured in Europe and assembled at DNE.

µ-liter Pumps

DNE develops microliter pumps on the basis of modularity and peristaltic principles. Pumps based on peristaltic principles form a simple and well-known category: Primary benefits are 2-way pumping, high pump-pressure and robust operation.

µ-fluidic Components

Time-to-market, prototypes, functional design, material choice and manufacturing solutions for optimal results at competitive cost requires a skill-set DNE offers on a project-basis: DNE guides the technical discussions to prototyping and production quickly and efficiently.


From prototype to series production, DNE offers customers the complete LoC realization and takes full responsibility for quality and deadlines. Prices are transparent and affordable. Our services include: Design, Prototypes, Plastics, Sealing, Assembly