Ein Schwerpunkt der Entwicklungsarbeiten liegt im Bereich der Mikrofluidik. Hier führt DNE Vorversuche aus und erstellt Prototypen zur Überprüfung der Funktionen im Lab on Chip.

Microfluidic Components

DNE designs and produces a category of microfluidic components called Lab-on Chip (LoC) and µLiter-pumps. Many innovations in medical diagnostics are based on biochemical insights in specialist research labs. In many instances, the chemistry needs to be packaged in a stable and rugged format for the market. One such packaging format is the “Lab-on-Chip” (LoC): A small microfluidic component in which the biochemistry is implemented for patient use. The LoC implements a multitude of functions like storage, transport, mixing, separation and detection of biological substances. Its compact size and cost-effectiveness promises considerable market growth as response to tighter cost-controls on health care expenditures. It takes expertise to translate biochemical concepts into a ready for market solution. Here, biotechnology meets microtechnology and economic reality. DNE supports customers with feasibility studies. Time-to-market, prototypes, functional design, material choice and manufacturing solutions for optimal results at competitive cost requires a skill-set DNE offers on a project-basis: DNE guides the technical discussions to prototyping and production quickly and efficiently.

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150116-DNE pump with electronics (new)

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Micro pump for the healthcare industry

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