Microliter Pumps

DNE develops microliter pumps on the basis of modularity and peristaltic principles. Pumps based on peristaltic principles form a simple and well-known category: Primary benefits are 2-way pumping, high pump-pressure and robust operation. The DNE pumps have the following characteristics:
  • a. Up to 10 channels possible.
  • b. Disposable pumpheads to allow for quick changeover of mediums.
  • c. Up to 1.5 bar pressure (both directions).
  • d. 5µl/min to 5 ml/min easily tailored to customer specifications
  • e. Pumpaction electronically controlled for programmable sequences.
  • f. Robust and durable pump system requiring minimal maintenance.
The DNE pump-platform has been developed for easy operation and many options. DNE can tailor: - The pump-volumes - The flow-speeds - And run up to 10 channels at the time on 1 electric drive In case calibrated amounts of fluid need to be delivered in defined time-segments, DNE can provide electronic solutions that make it possible. DNE supplies evaluation kits to help customers test the pumps in the customer-environments. On providing key requirements, customers gain access to responsive expertise and a tailored Evaluation kit for a quick evaluation of performance.

Evaluation Kit

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150116-DNE pump with electronics (new)

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Micro pumps for the healthcare industry

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